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About the company

Claudice Business Services (CBS) is a Cameroonian service provider that covers the entire Central African Sub Region in its business activities.

Our activities include Business finance development, Business management and Sales services with the main mission to quality services and products that beats expectations in acceptable cost.

We strive to be a reference for all service providers with the stress on excellence, standardization, quality and sustainability in Cameroon.

This organization entered into business in more than a decade ago and within this period, it has gained a reputation, built on transparency and progressiveness.

We are here for you!

Our flexible way of functioning allows us to adapt to the demands of our clients.

Clients' Policy

We guarantee quality services and individualized approach, based on confidence and fairness.

Professional Team

We are highly qualified specialists with high profiles and extensive experience.

Developed System

Our logistic system is up to date to meet up with modern demands and standards

Customer Support

Our business depends on our customers and so we develop a closed relationship with them.

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Business Finance

We study your business projects and propose suitable finance solutions.

Business Management

Our job consist of redefining your business management model

Sales Services

Are you in need of a product or do you want to sell a product?


Import Financing

Do you want to import goods, products, machinery, equipment, etc. to Cameroon?

Whether you are having goods built from scratch or they are ready for shipment, we can help you to import the goods into Cameroon without having to use your cash flow.

Sourcing and Supplies

We offer supply solutions for your supply needs.

We help you find and locate the products you need for your projects and your company.

By working with us, you immediately have the expertise to locate what you want and when you need it.

Why work with us?

We work with clients and partners to create solutions that meet their requirements as well as their aspirations. We provide simple and elegant solutions that enhance the productivity of businesses

Closeness to our clients

We believe in closeness to our clients as it gives us the opportunity to better understand their businesses and visions

Above expectation

We regularly go beyond standard business solutions to create customised and tailored business solutions driven by visions.


We take seriously all of our customers’ requirements in order to meet all deadlines. we ensure their awareness of every step we take


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