About Us

Claudice Business Services Ltd (CBS) is a Cameroonian company that covers the Central African Sub Region in its business activities.

We strive to be a reference for all service providers with the stress on excellence, standardization, quality and sustainability in Cameroon.

Our activities include Business finance development, Business management and Sales services with the main mission to quality services and products that beats expectations in acceptable cost.

This organization entered into business in more than a decade ago and within this period, it has gained a reputation, built on transparency and progressiveness.

Along its business history, the company has expanded further by creating branches in other parts of Cameroon and still aims at more expansions.

One of the biggest reasons for our success is our unique flexible way of functioning which allows us to adapt to the exact nature of any project in a shorter time.

This flexibility has given us the ability to develop a deeper insight into handling projects of various kinds and sizes.

We work with recognized partners with a long history and track record in the production industry.


Clients Oriented Policy

We guarantee our clients and partners quality level of service and individualized approach, based on a high degree of confidence and fairness.

Professional Team

We are highly qualified specialists with high profiles and extensive experience.

Customer support

We make every effort to ensure our clients the most convenient conditions and high-level support. Our business depends on our customers and so we develop a closed relationship.

Developed system

Our logistic system is up to date to meet up with modern demands and standards


We realize our people form the most important resource we have. This is because our business is dependent on the technical know-how of our people coupled with the will to serve. We are therefore constantly looking for people with the right personality, profile and values mix.

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