Our Procedures
  • business@claudicebusiness.com
  • +237 6 71 84 82 77
  • Client contacts us

A client contacts us, tells us what he/she wants to export, the destination, and the address of the receiver.

  • Quotation / pricing

We do a quote and send it to a client and conclude on the pricing with the client.

  • Reservation

The client does a reservation by filling and signing a reservation form and sends it back to us.

  • Programing of export

We tell the client when to bring his/her products for export.

  • Payment of export fee

The sender pays the export fee either through mobile money or bank deposit and is given a payment receipt.

  • Export

We prepare the product according to their sensitivities and export them accordingly to their destinations.

We Door to door pickup and delivery be it in Cameroon or your destination.

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